Recommended Providers

Elfin Services is a company that was created and developed to take the very best care of you and your loved ones.  We are a small, independent, locally-owned and operated agency that does things differently.  The following is a list of recommended service providers in the area with whom we have the utmost trust and confidence:

Elder Law Attorneys


  • Halo Guardianship Services (Stacey Bollinger) (360) 636-1455
  • Lower Columbia Guardianship Services, Inc. (Christine Greig) (360) 577-1764
  • Guardian Services NW (Judi Burkdoll) (360) 906-0243
  • Riverside Guardian Services, Inc. (Amber Zabel/Dorine Bright) (360)-597-4221 
  • NW Guardianship Solutions, Inc. (Sherrie Dennis) (360) 984-5286
  • Southwest Guardianship Services (Tracey Zacher) (360) 957-3446
  • Tom Deutsch (Longview) (360) 423-0335

Senior Transportation Services (non-emergency)

Social Services

Nursing Oversight and Delegation

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Home Health and Hospice

Trust/Financial Management

Realtors (Certified Senior Real Estate Specialists)

Home Assessments, Modifications, Interior Design, and Relocation Services


CNA Training Schools

Household Services