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"The home care industry helps seniors to live with
dignity and self-respect, and to feel like an integral part
of the society and world in which they live."- Elfin Caregiver

In the past and in other places, generations of family lived together or very close to one another. Younger family members learned from the wisdom of elders, and in turn the younger generations made sure that their elders were comfortable and well cared for. In today’s world not every elder person has family that is close and able to accept such responsibilities, or perhaps families have such busy schedules they are unable to provide this support.

Care Management - our professional staff of Care Managers assess each client's physical, social and psychological assets, needs, and wishes. We combine this information with input from involved professionals and families to develop an individualized plan of care. To help implement the plan, we not only coordinate the needed services, but regularly visit each of our clients for wellness checks, and we are personally available to our clients at all hours. Our mission is to act as a kind and knowledgeable loved one for our clients, whatever their needs may be. To see more, click here

Caregiving - Elfin serves a diverse community of elders, and we work with others who need extra help with many different aspects of their lives. Our Caregiving clients live in their own homes or in facilities in Vancouver and other nearby communities in SW Washington.  Elfin Services does not just provide Caregivers- we provide a team of experienced professionals who are ready and available to help you or your loved one with whatever they need-24 hours a day, 7 days per week. To see more, click here