Team Elfin!


We really like that Elfin is willing to adapt to our ever-changing needs.
— Jay and Maureen W.

We are very happy with Elfin Staff Members and very satisfied with their service.
— Carol Y

Elfin is an integral member of our care management system and provides an excellent standard of care for Halo Guardianship clients. Elfin’s consistent, reliable service fosters a cooperative environment that benefits both Halo Guardianship and its clients.
— Stacey B.

We really appreciate all of you & all you’ve done for us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Daughter Sandy

Dear Staff at Elfin Services, my dad was in your care for just a little while during May of 2014. He passed away from other complications in July than he had faced in May. He was able to do many of the activities he loved to do during his last 6-7 weeks of his life. Our family is grateful for the care you offered him and relief you gave to my mom during your visits. We are particularly thankful for your help in planning at-home-care and your delicate handling of all details. Thank you so much to Yvonne, Cheryl, and David. My dad did tell all of the girls they were beautiful- as he told the truth... and told everyone that it was his best day ever- as he believed that he had a choice in his day.
— Client Family Member

Dear Elfin Services,Thank you Yvonne, Cheryl, and Cherilyn for all you did to help our family and our dear mother after her fall. From your first visit to our home, to our last meeting in your office, we were impressed with your kindness, professionalism, integrity, and most of all your genuine compassion for the elderly.”

”Yvonne, your love and concern for the wellbeing of the elderly is evident in your soft-spoken demeanor and in how you run your company. You and Cheryl were careful to ask us important questions about our mother so that you could offer the best care possible and find the best match for a caretaker for her. Cherilyn was a great fit for our mother. She was kind, gentle, and calm. She was knowledgeable in her field and taught us how to properly position and move our mother. She was proactive. She looked for ways to make my mom more comfortable and also went beyond basic care, asking if she could play music or read to my mom when things were quiet. Cherilyn was a loving presence whom I trusted to help with my mom during the last days of her life. As you know, mom passed away after only a few visits from Elfin. It touched our hearts that Cherilyn came to our mom’s memorial reception. Thank you Cherilyn!Once again, many thinks to everyone at Elfin including Temika, Jean, and Karen, for helping to make an extremely difficult time more bearable and more do-able. I agree with my sister, you are indeed a class act. I will recommend your company to anyone I know who needs compassionate, professional, knowledgeable care or assistance for their elderly loved one.
— Client Family Member

Myself and I’m sure dad appreciated Valerie’s visit! We really appreciate all of you and all you’ve done for us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Sandy

Good morning Alyson and Yvonne. My Mom passed away last week.  She would have turned 94 in February.  We are so grateful that she enjoyed good health for most of her life and only the last few years had issues with the short term memory loss.  But she knew all of us by name clear up until she passed away.

Words will fail to express my gratitude for your kindness and patience with her and all of us as she struggled to maintain independence when she was really past living alone safely.  She became more content at the Hampton as it became harder for her to walk and/or clean herself.  And the staff there was always very kind to her.  You were a source of comfort and encouragement in the years immediately following the removal of my brother from her home.   Such hard years for us as a family.  I will always give out your names to anyone looking for great, compassionate care for an elder.Thank you so, so, soooooooooooooo much.
— Client Family Member

To Everyone at Elfin - Thank you for you wonderful and professional services- and caring of my dad. When we are in need of home care again, you will be our 1st choice!
— Client Family Member

If there was a way to duplicate Yvonne, Emily, and Alyson that would be great! It would be impossible to think of anything else [you could be doing better]. If anything your agency could teach other people, and the world, about being caring to others. The world would be a much better place.
— Client Family Member

Dear Yvonne, Christine, JR, Terry, Darrel, David, Ashley, Nadine, Jean, I can’t thank you enough for the loving care that you provided for Allen. Allen’s family and I will be forever grateful for your presence in our lives.

I hope you can take comfort (as I do) in the knowledge that we as a team did everything humanly possible to help Allen get well.

For those of you who were able to be with us during the memorial service- than you for attending. Your presence meant a great deal to us.
— Client Family Member

We just wanted to thank you again for all your help and comfort in my dad’s final days.
— Client Family Member

I don’t know how you say, just- Thank You to all you’ve done for me, and I checked Webster here and he didn’t have one that will do it. And Oh! what a blessing I feel. I did want to enjoy my old age and I am so happy. And I do so appreciate all you’ve done.
— Client Family Member

Our current caregiver has been the perfect fit for us. Walt and Nancy have been happy with everything she does and I am also. Our needs are always met and everything is taken care of.
— Client Family Member